A Familiar Place with a New Vision


Imagine a place that preserves a legacy, cultivates hope,
invests in families, and brings pride to a community.


The farm today comprises land and multiple buildings fronting Pioneer Road and set at the gateway to downtown Puyallup. Step By Step has purchased approximately 6.5 acres of the property, including the 1900’s era house, 18,000 square foot retail building and multiple barns and outbuildings. 

The property will provide a permanent new home for Step By Step, while allowing for future program expansion.


Commons Building

This large retail building boasts over 15,000 square feet of useable space. This space will be renovated to allow for a large center that provides a variety of job training and program opportunities and experiences for the women we serve, in a beautiful and family-friendly setting.

A range of services for the community will be offered, including:

- Restaurant & On-Site Catering Services
- Meeting Space & Event Venues
- On-Site Childcare
- Retail & Flowers
- Foothills Trailhead Services

Our New Home

The farmhouse is currently serving as Step By Step's main office. It operates as our administrative headquarters to provide management and oversight for the organization as well as for the new project and expanded programs.

Festival Barn Groundbreaking.jpg

The Festival Barn

This barn will be used as a facility for larger outdoor events and gatherings.

The Pole Barn

This huge space has many potential uses. We are exploring ideas and partnerships with local businesses to determine how to make this space functional and how we can best incorporate the work done here into an element of our job training and mentorship programs.


Gateway Building

This building will eventually house a satellite kitchen, be available to rent for small events, and will offer concessions for the adjacent Van Lierop Park.

In the meantime, these two buildings are currently being leased to local businesses, to generate revenue for the project.


Farm Land & Open Space

We want to see flowers growing here once again.

While Step By Step was only able to purchase a small amount of the surrounding farmland, we are working to preserve some of the agricultural roots of this farm's rich history.

We have already built our first greenhouse.