The future of any society depends on its ability to foster the healthy development of the next generation.
— Harvard University, Center on the Developing Child
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Treasure the Past. Invest in the Future.

Empowering Mothers

Over the past 21 years, we have served over 10,000 women and families across Pierce, King, Kitsap, and Snohomish county. Together, we are taking our next big step to build healthier and stronger families in our community.  

A Place With Purpose

The former Van Lierop Bulb Farm was a part of our community for over 79 years. Together, we are preserving this beloved place and beginning a new legacy here, growing stronger and healthier mothers, babies, and families.


Helping Women Work

We’re helping women dream, and we’re putting those dreams to work. Our job training program will holistically support women, as they take their next steps towards health, hope, and a secure future for their families.

We’re empowering mothers
because mothers empower families and communities

Protecting young children from adversity is a promising, science-based strategy to address many of the most persistent and costly problems facing contemporary society, including limited educational achievement, diminished economic productivity, criminality, and disparities in health.
— American Pediatric Society

Step By Step works with the most vulnerable women and children in our community. 

We come alongside at-risk pregnant women, many of whom are facing poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, abuse, and other serious risk factors that put them and their babies at risk.

Over the past 21 years, we have helped over 10,000 low income and at-risk pregnant women break out of the cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect that they suffered and fight to provide a better future for themselves and their children.



Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of at-risk pregnant women, so they will deliver healthy babies, embrace positive parenting, and establish safe homes and secure futures.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every woman would see her pregnancy as a catalyst for positive change. By building on her strengths, she will choose health, see hope for her future, and give back to her family and community.



“If it hadn’t been for Step By Step, I don’t know where I would be today. They gave me hope. They helped me become the mom I wanted to be for my baby. I have found a family with this agency.  I could not have done it without you. Thank you.”   

– A Step By Step Mom

We are poised to take our next big step to strengthen women and families.

While having a healthy pregnancy and getting a good start to parenting are critical first steps, one of the greatest barriers to the health and success of the families we serve is an economic one.

The women we work with have an intrinsic desire to be good mothers and to provide well for their families. However, many of them are still learning what a healthy family looks like and are experiencing the paralyzing impact of generational cycles of poverty. They struggle to see hope for their future, and they lack the basic skills and education needed to obtain and maintain gainful employment, so they can provide financially for their family. 

Most of the women we serve do not have the confidence or resources to seek higher education or the support to be able to commit to a lengthy or intense program. They need heightened levels of flexibility and family support as they learn and grow, which is not offered through traditional programs.


We’re Helping Women Dream
and we’re putting those dreams to work

Step By Step is in a unique position to help women move seamlessly from their first steps in our existing pregnancy support program to the next steps needed to work towards self-sufficiency and stability. Our expanded program will provide job experience and workforce training, while retaining critical wraparound services of case management, mentorship, and key educational programs that focus on developing life skills and positive parenting. 

With the help of our partners and visionary supporters, we are opening a new center that will offer authentic, holistic support to help mothers work towards a brighter future for themselves and their children - one step at a time.


We’re Changing How We Work
to build stronger families and communities


Our job training program will holistically support women, as they take their next steps to develop the mindset, skills, education, and experience they need to not only become well-rounded professionals, but to also continue investing in the social and emotional health of themselves and their families.


We Can Do Better
A Holistic Training Program


A Family First Approach That Is Participant-Driven

At Step By Step, we always put family first. Our priority is to provide a program that can be personalized and that remains reasonable, paced, and takes into consideration each mother’s specific needs, as well as the growth and developmental needs of her children and family. 

Each mother’s journey will be participant-driven and tailored to match her strengths and address her unique family challenges. We will help women identify their goals and develop a plan to reach them.



Positive Relational Support

Each mother’s personal Step By Step case manager will help refer and facilitate her success in the program, bringing a unique perspective and an invaluable understanding of her strengths, home environment, and background. Personal mentors and coaches will offer additional support and encouragement, as she navigates past common barriers to gainful employment, such as childcare, transportation, and family requirements.



Not Your Typical Work Day

In addition to on-the-job training and experience, our program will offer group education sessions that help women develop in employment-related areas such as Professionalism and Hygiene, Time Management, Conflict Management, Showing Initiative, Resume & Interview Preparation, and Job Searching.  

Work days for the women we serve will also include critical time needed for them to focus on and invest in their personal development. On site opportunities will be offered for them to pursue interests in areas including budgeting, parenting, stress management, nutrition and exercise, and mental health support.


My son, who is now 22 years old, recently told me ‘I have an incredible amount of respect for you, for what you’ve gone through, what you’ve done and what you’ve come through, and for where you are now.’ As a mom, to hear those words - that is everything.

Our project here at the farm is going to do more than give women jobs. It is going to help them learn how to invest in their families. And, we will empower them to be strong families - one baby, one mother, one step at a time.


Step By Step Mom, Volunteer, & Program Advisory Council Member

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Step By Step chose 18 mothers to help create the new Step By Step program. During that first meeting, there was not a dry eye in the room. We, as women, came together to share our stories of pain, our trials and tribulations, mistakes, fears, and disappointments. It didn’t end there. The Step By Step program has taken a few great people that added more people to become a tribe and that tribe became a village of love and dedication that I am honored to be a part of.

Step By Step has helped me evolve from woman to mother, a mother I know my mom would be proud of. The Step By Step team has touched me in more ways than you would ever know. For that, I am thankful and ready for the future. 

~ Rachel

Step By Step Mom & Program Development Project Group Member


A Familiar Place with a New Vision


Imagine a place that preserves a legacy, cultivates hope, invests in families, and brings pride to a community.


Our vision is for this center to become a place that will braid the tangible needed skills of job training and workforce development with the intangible social and emotional supportive services necessary to holistically strengthen the lives and families of vulnerable women.



Workforce Preparation Training

Job Experience



Work & Life Goals Coaching

Life Skills & Parenting Classes

Mental Health Counseling

Social Support Groups

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  • Classrooms

  • Counseling Room

  • Child CAre